POESY XL Editorial

by Brian Morrisey

  • 40 cover art photos – dogeared perfect moments in time when beauty stood still
  • 40 editorials searching for perspective
  • 40 interviews when we see the tone of the face behind the poet wildly spilling intimate secrets sleeping with the muse
  • 40 microsoft word files of other poet’s poems
  • 40 rounds of disgruntled responses to rejection letters
  • 40 coffee-driven deadlines
  • 40 print bills draining my bank account
  • 40 evenings of stuffing envelopes with magazines when they return from press on my doorstep
  • 40 artworks of passion that never fades.

… and we are just getting started on our journey together!

There’s a rawness to Boston that you cannot ignore. The streets are tough, the food will christen your taste buds with ultimate flavor, the bars are no-holds-barred, an eternal jump off point for the night into the unknown abyss to elated excitement. The traffic sucks. The personalities are in your face and brace yourself for the cold hard truth. The weather burns devils and freezes angels. With this eclectic mix of ultimate feeling, it is no wonder Boston’s poetry community is where you will find the most prolific writers continuing to inspire, motivate and capture beauty in venues like the Boston Poetry Marathon, Bagel Bards, Spare Change News, Ibbetson Street Press and the endless stream of chapbooks coming off the presses. The community is rich with emotion-driven innovation over a unique perspective. Every poet should experience a weekend enthralled in Boston poetry activities.

This issue spotlights Doug Holder who was chosen due to his impact and constant networking throughout Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. Who else would be able to capture the essence of the city as a whole? He’s got it under his thumb. I first met Doug at a reading in the basement of the Salvation Army in Central Square Cambridge. I read and reviewed his chap Poems of Boston and Just Beyond: The Back Bay to The Backward and I found this man has a distinct voice. Since then, he has been running full force with purpose to expose new underground poetry of the Boston area. These are the voices of grass roots poets unleashed and raging to rip off the stuffed academic shirt. The poets are black capped, torn jeaned, loud mouthed poetry peddlers ready to cut to the meat of emotion in each of these poems.