POESY RETURNS March 2015 with a special 40th issue featuring the prolific Boston poetry community. FOR ISSUE #40 WE WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FROM THE BOSTON AREA.

Poesy Accepts Poetry, Photography, And Reviews.

Our main focus is on Santa Cruz and Boston poetry, but we also accept submissions across the country. We see the poem as something to immerse the reader into a welcomed world of arresting images that jerks the eyes onto the page and leaves the reels of the mind turning long after the poem is finished. We see the poem as a work of art and save the narrative voice for the enlightenment of prose. We see the poem as a camera documenting a moment in time seen before the lens, rather than from the eyes of its beholder behind the lens. To accomplish this goal, we have to be very precise that everything we publish falls within our portrayal of the poem.

To assure your work is properly featured in POESY, we request that you allow your submissions ample time to arrive before the deadline posted for each issue. Chances are, the earlier you get your work in, the better placement your pieces will receive.

POESY publishes original poetry, photography, interviews, and reviews. Please use the following guidelines when submitting manuscripts for consideration. Manuscripts should be typewritten or computer-printed on white, 8-1/2″ X 11″ paper. Please send no more than seven poems at a time. Submissions should be mailed to P.O. Box 458, Santa Cruz, CA 95061. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. (We are not accepting any International manuscripts at this time) No reply will be made to unaccepted manuscripts that are not accompanied by sufficient return postage. Do not send previously published material or material that is currently under consideration by another magazine or periodical. Our reporting time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Please do not inquire about the status of your manuscript unless more than two months have passed. Please do not send multiple submissions. Allow us to reply before you send more work. All work submitted to POESY is considered for publication in POESY only. Copyright: POESY holds first serial rights for material that we publish. The copyright automatically reverts to the author upon publication.

DEADLINES: Feb 1st & Aug 1st. We prefer hard copy materials.


REQUESTED BUT NOT LIMITED TO: 32 lines or less, up to 5 poems may be considered for each issue. We encourage poems, but aren’t limited to, that create an image, stop moments in time and leaving your reader with a lasting impression. Please no poems about dogs, cats, angels, or the food you ate recently. PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER OR NOT YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR POEMS RETURNED. If you do, please supply adequate postage on your S.A.S.E.


REVIEWS MAY BE SUBMITTED. Be considerate, we are a small publication and space is limited, but we can usually squeeze in all reasonable length pieces. Be aware that pieces containing excessive profanity to illustrate views are not often accepted. We would like to endorse creative insights beyond the likes of everyday babble.

Art and Photography

A WIDE VARIETY OF ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY may be included in the pages of POESY. Strive for pieces with good contrast (rich blacks and light whites). Light images with no contrast tend to blur and the cameras used to shoot the negatives don’t pick them up. You may submit up to 10 pieces. Acceptance is based on several factors: number of submissions, creativity, composition and how well it relates to the theme of POESY.