Morrisey, Noah, Manzi Poems

Jazz Envision

by Brian Morrisey, Santa Cruz, CA

Tenor sax plays
into the evening hour
Tender notes sweeten
love on my lips
fading into
the shadows
left unnoticed
by the eyes
of discontent
Lust lingers
on a high note
moving her hips
to the rhythm of you
melting into backwaters
of intersecting rivers
drowning minutes
suspended between
ascending drumbeats
prolong your name
entangled between
murmurs in the night
as dreams come easy.

Wild Things

by S.M. Noah, Dallas, TX

Wild things sometimes
go amok—

like sailing a yacht
full sail, to hell.

Drinking vodka and
vapor from the

volcano. Pulling up
flowers from

the Garden of Eden.
Interrogating a snake.

Inventing a time
machine; and searching

for pennies, for pearls
in a lonely place.

Living over a
hundred years and

dying in Vermont,
stalking lost lovers.


by Edward Manzi, Ashland, NH

Take a picture of my coffee
with my face reflecting in it
looking up at the overcast sky
from a brown world,
church steeple rusting
in the center of town-old city
bell tolls, loud, echoing to the sea.