Pflaumer, Niditch, Roberts Poems

Rainpools Staring Back At Me

by Patricia Rose Pflaumer, N. Weymouth, MA

At the edge of the parking lot behind the Big K,
Where asphalt slopes towards the woods,
A field of matted fur, straw-colored grass,
And bodies of bony decay—unwanted litter.

How bitter from the sky rain falls,
Pools their sightless eyes—
And mine flood from seeing.

At Nantucket, 2004

by B.Z. NIDITCH, Brookline, MA

Between islands
the strong light
hides your misfortune
beside beautiful tides
your seaweed shadows
drowns by eavesdrop memory
now sweeps aside
having read your chart
by morning’s home harbor
fearing childhood
yet knowing young swimmers
will rise like myths
from an unworldly sound.

Acceptance of Night and Day

by Peter Roberts, Mansfield, OR

surrounded by plants
92 year-old woman
rocks on her porch.

Insistence of sunlight,
indecision of air,
stillness of time